Paul Arnold Shot While Hunting

By now, everyone has heard that Paul Arnold was shot with a .270 rifle in the hip while hunting last Thursday. I haven’t been able to talk with Paul, but he did text me from his hospital bed and said “it was a bit dark and the shot was from about 20 yards away”. Tomorrow he will have his 4th surgery on his shattered hip. In his text, he also mentioned “I’m a very lucky fucker but I am broken with a long road ahead of me”. I’ll keep everyone posted on this matter whenever I hear something new. Get well brother \m/

Paul Arnold of At War

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Limited At War Colored Wax

Deluxe numbered edition of 100 LPs of “INFIDEL” on Desert Tan vinyl includes full color gatefold jacket, full color inner sleeve, vinyl sticker and bonus At War dog tags. Available exclusively at Heavy Artillery Records!

At War Infidel Tan Vinyl LP

Deluxe numbered edition of 100 LPs of “INFIDEL” on Fatigue Green vinyl includes full color gatefold jacket, full color inner sleeve, vinyl sticker and bonus At War dog tags. Available exclusively at Heavy Artillery Records!

At War Infidel Green Vinyl LP

Limited edition of only 100 cassette tapes of “INFIDEL” with full color j-card. Available exclusively at Heavy Artillery Records!

Infidel Cassette Tape

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At War Launches Official Website

At War is proud to announce the launching of the all new and official At War website!! WWW.ATWARTHEBAND.COM. It has been too long and with the help of web guru and heavy metal friend Sick Thrash aka the Silent Creature, this fantastic site has finally become a reality. Be sure you check back often for updates, purchase merch in our Shop and stay up to date on all the information that will be of interests to you… The At War legions!

At War Band 2009 Promo

We would also like to announce the release of the Limited Edition LP Vinyl and Cassette version of “INFIDEL” on Heavy Artillery Records! This is a very cool full sized gatefold album that will include two exclusive premiums you will not want to miss! Drop us an email concerning ordering information or go to Heavy Artillery Records. Pre-sale orders are currently being taken. Don’t miss out on these, they’re very limited!

At War Infidel Viny Cassette Ad Heavy Artillery Records

A live version of ‘Ilsa (She Wolf Of The SS)’ from our October 2009 Virginia Beach, Va. concert at the Half Shell will be featured on the new Blower Records 2 disc compilation “Forged In Metal”. The 2 disc cd contains alot of good heavy metal bands and should be out sometime this month. Head on over to Blower Records and pick yourself up a copy!

Blower Records Forged In Metal Ad

The all new broadcast promo video for “Make Your Move” made it’s debut March 4th, 2010. Two more as yet to be seen videos, “Semper Fi” a studio look and a blast from the past with “Covert Sins” shot live in May of 1991 are streaming on our Videos Page, go get some! Enjoy!!

At War is currently rehearsing like maniacs for their first appearance in Japan as a co headliner for this years “True Thrash Festival” in Osaka, Japan at the Esaka Muse Hall on March 27th and 28th! At War will be playing both nights. At War will also be returning to Germany for this years “Way of Darkness Festival” in October. A mini tour of Brazil is being negotiated as we speak and we hope to have all the details for you very soon. For the hometown crowd look for At War at this years Virginia Beach “Surf and Skate Festival”! Keep up with all of our Tour Dates and special one off shows here.

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2009 Was A Great Year For At War

It is now fully into November 2009 and it is all good! It’s so cool that “Infidel” is getting such great reviews and our traffic and iquiry level has soared as a result. We’re also still working on booking as many shows as we can squeak out. We will be doing a series of shows in May and June of 2010 that will take us to Texas, California, The midwest! Yes Chicago.. finally, the northeast and the southeast. We will also be in Puerto Rico in January and Japan in March of 2010.

Tons of other stuff on the horizon. We just shot the performance section of our all new video for the song “Make Your Move” and this is gonna be killer! Our first video for “Infidel’ is being handled by the bad asses at Red Hil Media. There is some killer animation in this and it will be ready in a few weeks. Look for it on MTV2 and other of the finest video outlets. We’re also already talking about the material for our next album. Thanks for making “Infidel” such a success and check back often!!

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Infidel Is Out!!!

Holy Shit! I can’t believe it. 21 years later and the new CD hits the streets hauling fucking ass!! We are very proud and excited about this album. When we decided to do another album you could imagine the things that went through our minds on this, but we knew if we stuck to our guns on using the tried and true formula that makes At War, then there could be no other outcome than the right one. This album proves that!

Every review thus far has been very positive and encouraging to say the least. Not that pleasing others was our goal, but we also knew that if we liked it, than a hell of alot of you would too. I want to take a second and thank once again Mr. Alex Perialas for being so fucking awesome! You believed and you were right!

On another topic… those of you who know us personally , know what kind of people we are. Those who look at our album covers and think you know who we are should take a moment and make an attempt to get to know us before you claim to know our motivations. If you don’t care to make the effort, then go ahead and say what you will and do us a favor and fuck the hell off!! To the rest of you who do get it…. Thanks for your support! We are digging it!!

We will be back in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 18th with Whiplash and Deathrash! This will be our NY CD release show, so come on out and show some love! We will be in Fredericksburg, VA on Sept. 19th at KC’s. For the locals who keep asking me when we’re doing our local CD release show. I should have an announcment with in a few weeks. We have an awesome new manager who is working hard to help coordinate shows in the USA and Europe, so be ready we’re coming!!

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Infidel Is In The Can!!!!

Just wanted to stop and let you all know that the mastering is complete, approved and delivered to Heavy Artillery Records. Nothing left to do, but wait. Dan Bacigalupi at Georgetown mastering did an insanely awesome job mastering this work of art as you all will soon hear. I thank again everyone involved with this project.

Look for us in the coming months to be playing select shows in select cities, we want to bring this new material to your faces!! If you’re gonna be in the southeast Virginia area, make sure you bring your little asses to see the show we’ll be doing on May 18 with Exodus, Warbringer, Day of the Beast and Scarz Within! Much More Most Maximum Metal!!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 04/23/2009

Talk Is Over!!!

We have just completed recording the new cd “INFIDEL” at Pyramid Sound with the great Alex Perialas. I have to tell you this Album will blow your fucking heads off!! Don’t take my word for it, or better yet just remember I said this when you finally insert this into your choice of playback device and say to yourself “Holy Fuck” Paul was even more than right. There is no way we could have made this most important CD any better! It is amazing. I can’t wait for each and every one of you to hear it.

Working with Alex again has been a dream come true for us and there is NO ONE I mean NO ONE who does it better! I stand in awe of his expertise in the studio. If you are ever lucky enough to work with him you will know this to be the gospel. 9 tracks of the most powerful metal that has been released in years!! There will be support shows for this album so make sure you come out and witness the awesomeness! We’re looking at a release date now in the early summer. Check with Heavy Artillery Records and here for more information. We are very proud of this CD and honored to be able to bring it to you. For now… Stay locked and loaded!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 03/17/2009

America The Amazing!!!

What happened yesterday can ONLY happen in the good ole USA. As much of a fan of Barack I am not, it is historic and amazing. It also shows the people in the rest of the world that had said America has become insignifigant and that it had run it’s course that the USA is an ever changing and dynamic force that will never be counted out. I defy the haters to show me any other country in the world that is this bad-ass! Let’s only hope that the next four years don’t turn this great nation into the U.S.S.R (United States Socialist Republic). To the Europeans who see the president elect as the second coming, know this.. he will not be able to get anything done and him and the democrats will blame there inability to make good on their promises to save the world on Bush.. Why? because that’s what they do.. make excuses. I hope they prove me wrong. I’m OK, I still have my guns… suck it! Now.. so much for the politics…

On to At War news!: We have completed the writing process and are now working on pre-production for the new CD “Infidel” for Heavy Artillery Records. It is absolutely awesome! The wait will be worth it for sure. Recording will start in December and we expect a March release. The CD artwork is being done by artist Claudio Bergman and man it is incredible!! Tell everyone to keep checking back for more updates and info. 2009 will be all At War’s!!

Joseph Arnold and Paul Arnold

Please give a monumental horns up to my Dad Joseph Davis Arnold III who left this world today. You are missed!

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