October 2007

Ready For Mayhem!!

Here we are… on the precifice of what will turn out to be our most monumental show! The BIG ONE! October 26th at the Norva in Norfolk Virginia we are set to kick your asses! We have pulled out ALL the stops on this one. We are so sick of the half-assed lame shows bands put on these days that we swore this show would be nothing like what most folks have come to expect from a band. This will NOT be a concert this will be a SHOW, a Thrash Metal show!

Lights, Camera, Action! We will be filming our first live DVD for release, so wear your At War T shirts and be prepared to go APESHIT! We have on board the largest and best light crew on the east coast, along with the best soundman you could want on your side! We have the hottest young Thrash band on the bill “Merciless Death” they are coming all the way from LA just to do this show and we are so stoked to have them. You must make it a point to see these guys. If any band has it down, it’s Merciless Death. They do thrash right!! This is a great bunch of guys and a personal top choice of mine. I love these guys and so will you. What can I say about Download… They are one of the most brutal bands I know, and also great friends… I have seen these guys tons and am always blown away by their sheer brutality. Be prepared to get swept away in the pit that they will surely get started.

I want to thank everyone who has pushed us to get to this point and want you all to know that we do this for you and you only.. sure it will be fun for sure, but it is you that we dedicate this show to. I thank you all from the bottom of my soul and thank you for forcing me to see what I was missing! URAH!! Be prepared to Eat Lead!!!!!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 10/09/2007