March 2009

Talk Is Over!!!

We have just completed recording the new cd “INFIDEL” at Pyramid Sound with the great Alex Perialas. I have to tell you this Album will blow your fucking heads off!! Don’t take my word for it, or better yet just remember I said this when you finally insert this into your choice of playback device and say to yourself “Holy Fuck” Paul was even more than right. There is no way we could have made this most important CD any better! It is amazing. I can’t wait for each and every one of you to hear it.

Working with Alex again has been a dream come true for us and there is NO ONE I mean NO ONE who does it better! I stand in awe of his expertise in the studio. If you are ever lucky enough to work with him you will know this to be the gospel. 9 tracks of the most powerful metal that has been released in years!! There will be support shows for this album so make sure you come out and witness the awesomeness! We’re looking at a release date now in the early summer. Check with Heavy Artillery Records and here for more information. We are very proud of this CD and honored to be able to bring it to you. For now… Stay locked and loaded!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 03/17/2009