November 2009

2009 Was A Great Year For At War

It is now fully into November 2009 and it is all good! It’s so cool that “Infidel” is getting such great reviews and our traffic and iquiry level has soared as a result. We’re also still working on booking as many shows as we can squeak out. We will be doing a series of shows in May and June of 2010 that will take us to Texas, California, The midwest! Yes Chicago.. finally, the northeast and the southeast. We will also be in Puerto Rico in January and Japan in March of 2010.

Tons of other stuff on the horizon. We just shot the performance section of our all new video for the song “Make Your Move” and this is gonna be killer! Our first video for “Infidel’ is being handled by the bad asses at Red Hil Media. There is some killer animation in this and it will be ready in a few weeks. Look for it on MTV2 and other of the finest video outlets. We’re also already talking about the material for our next album. Thanks for making “Infidel” such a success and check back often!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 11/??/2009