December 2007

The Death Of 2007

The death of ’07 draws nigh my pretties and what a year it has been for At War! We have put in motion the beginings of what we hope to be the dawning of the new age of At War! The show in October was without a doubt…the Hellfire missle of what will be our new and eternal assault. We thank evryone who attended and by the reviews and reactions it could not have gone better.

Our new DVD should be ready for release early in ’08! You have to check this out.. Damn good if I say so myself. We are steady working on the new CD, so hang in there! We will guarantee kicked asses for all.

We are also looking forward to Germany in February. You have no idea how stoked we are to finally get to play in front of our German fans. They and a lot of the European fans deserve a huge thanks for keeping it metal when the USA was gaying it up during the ninties with the loads and loads of crap that was being released. It feels so good to see the Thrash scene have this resurgence. It the greatest form of music EVER. Keep checking back and drop us a line. We’re looking forward to ’08 and hopefuly we will see you in your home town.

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 12/19/2007