August 2009

Infidel Is Out!!!

Holy Shit! I can’t believe it. 21 years later and the new CD hits the streets hauling fucking ass!! We are very proud and excited about this album. When we decided to do another album you could imagine the things that went through our minds on this, but we knew if we stuck to our guns on using the tried and true formula that makes At War, then there could be no other outcome than the right one. This album proves that!

Every review thus far has been very positive and encouraging to say the least. Not that pleasing others was our goal, but we also knew that if we liked it, than a hell of alot of you would too. I want to take a second and thank once again Mr. Alex Perialas for being so fucking awesome! You believed and you were right!

On another topic… those of you who know us personally , know what kind of people we are. Those who look at our album covers and think you know who we are should take a moment and make an attempt to get to know us before you claim to know our motivations. If you don’t care to make the effort, then go ahead and say what you will and do us a favor and fuck the hell off!! To the rest of you who do get it…. Thanks for your support! We are digging it!!

We will be back in Brooklyn, NY on Sept 18th with Whiplash and Deathrash! This will be our NY CD release show, so come on out and show some love! We will be in Fredericksburg, VA on Sept. 19th at KC’s. For the locals who keep asking me when we’re doing our local CD release show. I should have an announcment with in a few weeks. We have an awesome new manager who is working hard to help coordinate shows in the USA and Europe, so be ready we’re coming!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/??/2009