November 2008

America The Amazing!!!

What happened yesterday can ONLY happen in the good ole USA. As much of a fan of Barack I am not, it is historic and amazing. It also shows the people in the rest of the world that had said America has become insignifigant and that it had run it’s course that the USA is an ever changing and dynamic force that will never be counted out. I defy the haters to show me any other country in the world that is this bad-ass! Let’s only hope that the next four years don’t turn this great nation into the U.S.S.R (United States Socialist Republic). To the Europeans who see the president elect as the second coming, know this.. he will not be able to get anything done and him and the democrats will blame there inability to make good on their promises to save the world on Bush.. Why? because that’s what they do.. make excuses. I hope they prove me wrong. I’m OK, I still have my guns… suck it! Now.. so much for the politics…

On to At War news!: We have completed the writing process and are now working on pre-production for the new CD “Infidel” for Heavy Artillery Records. It is absolutely awesome! The wait will be worth it for sure. Recording will start in December and we expect a March release. The CD artwork is being done by artist Claudio Bergman and man it is incredible!! Tell everyone to keep checking back for more updates and info. 2009 will be all At War’s!!

Joseph Arnold and Paul Arnold

Please give a monumental horns up to my Dad Joseph Davis Arnold III who left this world today. You are missed!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 11/05/20008