August 2007

Back From Brooklyn!!

Well Deloras we are back from Brooklyn and all I can say is “HELL MUTHAFUCKIN YES”!!! The show could not have kicked more ass if there was more ass-kicking going on. It feels so great to get back on the stage and be made to feel so welcome and appreciated as the folks in Brooklyn, NY did us.

It was such a pleasure to be on the bill with so many killer thrash bands. I can’t thank Tom Pascual enough for doing such a great job and being such a huge supporter of At War and the entire scene. We thank you man! The crowd response and level of enthusiasm made us go off even more. I want to thank everyone who came out to show support. To those of you who could’nt make it.. Your turn is coming!!! Thanks

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/29/2007

Better Late Than… Well Oh Whatever!!

Sorry for the delay in posting updates but we’ve been rollin baby! A lot has happened since I last updated this. We’ve gone from talking the talk about playing out again to being 6 days away from the big RE-EMERGENCE show. That’s right folks we are six days away from busting out in Brooklyn, NY. We will be throwing audible murder out on Sunday August the 26th at Club Europa as part of the World War IV Thrash festival with 9 other outstanding Thrash bands including Early Man and Merciless Death and VA’s own Gravewurm, plus many others. We are scheduled to go on around 11:00PM and can’t wait. Get your asses out there! We have been working hard and are fuming!

For all our local VA/NC fans that feel betrayed by us going to NY first… Be bummed NOT! For we have not forsaken you. We are on the verge of announcing the show to end all shows right here in the Tidewater area. This will not be just another show trust me. You will NOT want to miss this!

We have two new shirt designs we will be debuting at the NY show and will be posting more info on them here. Dave’s original drum kit is back and you won’t believe what the combination of Dave Stone and his monster kit is like until you have seen it for yourself. Drummers… school is in session! You gotta love it man!

The new At War CD will be coming sometime early next year! Hey it’s been 14 years what’s another few months huh? We have LIVE in our sights now! Thanks to all of you for the support! Please come by and say hey to Dave, Shawn and myself! Ready as a motherfucker!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/20/2007