July 2008


What a few months this has been for At War. Our plane has just returned to the good ole USA and we could not be happier with our trips to Mexico City and Germany! (again). I would like to take this chance to thank Antonio, Jose, and Javier, for the great show and super awesome hospitality they showed us while in Mexico City. This show was absolutely killer! The thing that struck me the most was how the metalheads of Mexico are so true. I only wish American fans were as rabid as our southern counterparts are. We met some very cool people and want to play more in their great country.

You know (or maybe you don’t), but we almost had to cancel these two shows. Shawn was rushed into emergency surgery on tuesday and we were to be on a plane bound for Mexico City on Thursday. He had back surgery where they had to remove parts of a herniated disc. He is a real Metal Warrior, refusing to back down on these shows, he did an excellent job and everyone appreciated what he went through. We too are in awe of his dedication. He is doing much better now and we have no doubt he will be completely healed soon. Good Luck bro!

On to Germany!! The “Headbangers Open Air” Festival in Bramstedt outside of Hamburg was one of the coolest things we as a band has ever done. We’d like to thank Thomas and Jurgen for having us and really putting on a top notch event. This was three days of pure unadulterated “metal for maniacs pure”. We met so many cool bands and people from all over the world I can’t begin to mention the half of them. If you have ever wanted to go to a European festival I cannot recommend this one any higher. Wacken is the biggest… H.O.A is the truest!! This show was filmed by “Streetclips” TV and a video of the show will be released. Look for it!!

On the At War front here’s the latests news: ok for the September issue of “Metal Edge” Magazine due on the stands on August 7th and check out the free compilatin CD that comes with the magazine. It contais an all new At War song “Semper Fi” from our upcoming new CD “Infidel”! This is the first brand new song we’ve recorded in 17 years. We are still working hard on the new CD and hope to be in the studio by November. We are also proud to announce that our new CD “Infidel” will be released on “Heavy Artillery” Records with wide distribution. This deal with “Heavy Artillery” is a matter of fate for us. What a perfect match!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 07/30/2008