Ready For Mayhem!!

Here we are… on the precifice of what will turn out to be our most monumental show! The BIG ONE! October 26th at the Norva in Norfolk Virginia we are set to kick your asses! We have pulled out ALL the stops on this one. We are so sick of the half-assed lame shows bands put on these days that we swore this show would be nothing like what most folks have come to expect from a band. This will NOT be a concert this will be a SHOW, a Thrash Metal show!

Lights, Camera, Action! We will be filming our first live DVD for release, so wear your At War T shirts and be prepared to go APESHIT! We have on board the largest and best light crew on the east coast, along with the best soundman you could want on your side! We have the hottest young Thrash band on the bill “Merciless Death” they are coming all the way from LA just to do this show and we are so stoked to have them. You must make it a point to see these guys. If any band has it down, it’s Merciless Death. They do thrash right!! This is a great bunch of guys and a personal top choice of mine. I love these guys and so will you. What can I say about Download… They are one of the most brutal bands I know, and also great friends… I have seen these guys tons and am always blown away by their sheer brutality. Be prepared to get swept away in the pit that they will surely get started.

I want to thank everyone who has pushed us to get to this point and want you all to know that we do this for you and you only.. sure it will be fun for sure, but it is you that we dedicate this show to. I thank you all from the bottom of my soul and thank you for forcing me to see what I was missing! URAH!! Be prepared to Eat Lead!!!!!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 10/09/2007

Back From Brooklyn!!

Well Deloras we are back from Brooklyn and all I can say is “HELL MUTHAFUCKIN YES”!!! The show could not have kicked more ass if there was more ass-kicking going on. It feels so great to get back on the stage and be made to feel so welcome and appreciated as the folks in Brooklyn, NY did us.

It was such a pleasure to be on the bill with so many killer thrash bands. I can’t thank Tom Pascual enough for doing such a great job and being such a huge supporter of At War and the entire scene. We thank you man! The crowd response and level of enthusiasm made us go off even more. I want to thank everyone who came out to show support. To those of you who could’nt make it.. Your turn is coming!!! Thanks

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/29/2007

Better Late Than… Well Oh Whatever!!

Sorry for the delay in posting updates but we’ve been rollin baby! A lot has happened since I last updated this. We’ve gone from talking the talk about playing out again to being 6 days away from the big RE-EMERGENCE show. That’s right folks we are six days away from busting out in Brooklyn, NY. We will be throwing audible murder out on Sunday August the 26th at Club Europa as part of the World War IV Thrash festival with 9 other outstanding Thrash bands including Early Man and Merciless Death and VA’s own Gravewurm, plus many others. We are scheduled to go on around 11:00PM and can’t wait. Get your asses out there! We have been working hard and are fuming!

For all our local VA/NC fans that feel betrayed by us going to NY first… Be bummed NOT! For we have not forsaken you. We are on the verge of announcing the show to end all shows right here in the Tidewater area. This will not be just another show trust me. You will NOT want to miss this!

We have two new shirt designs we will be debuting at the NY show and will be posting more info on them here. Dave’s original drum kit is back and you won’t believe what the combination of Dave Stone and his monster kit is like until you have seen it for yourself. Drummers… school is in session! You gotta love it man!

The new At War CD will be coming sometime early next year! Hey it’s been 14 years what’s another few months huh? We have LIVE in our sights now! Thanks to all of you for the support! Please come by and say hey to Dave, Shawn and myself! Ready as a motherfucker!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/20/2007

Hauling Ass!!

Here it is mid May… Man this year is hauling ass! Here’s whats up. We had a set back when Dave had to go in for carpal tunnel surgery about a month ago. We had our first practice last night and I’m happy to say I think Dave will live! He’s still got some numbness, but we are back on track for sure. Shawn and I have been working on new songs while Dave was out and we now have a few more on the roster.

It goes without saying that the studio is still a few months away, but we’re still hoping to be on stage by August! HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!! We are steady building our arsenal of equipment to proportions we and At War fans have never been witness to. God help the soundman and your ears. Thanks again for all your support and encouragement it means everything! Stay Metal!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 05/16/2007

News From The War-Front!

Moving into the fourth month of rehearsals since we started in earnest to bring to you At War the state of the union is ….Great! December was full of downtime due to holidays and injuries, but we are back on track and with a vengence. I continue to be hounded by all kinds of people wanting to know when? when? when? Here’s what i can tell you. We have decided to focus our attention on the material for the new album, so we are now in a writing, frenzy. We have some pretty abmitious plans for upcoming releases… yes… I said releases with an s. This means we have a lot of work ahead of us. I just ask that everyone please bear with us. You will not be dissappointed!

I’ve had several people tell me that all folks are going to want to hear live is OTK and Ret. Strike and don’t care about new stuff. Well we do and we’re doing this for us and we hope you dig it as well. When we do our live set you will be propelled into the world of true speed/thrash metal and you wil hear all the classics.

We hope to be in the studio sometime in May and you heard it first here… we are shooting for our first show back to be in August ’07. Though no formal plans have been made these are the tentative dates we are going for. I hope you tell everyone and most of all I hope to see and meet all of you there. Dig It!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 02/11/2007

The Rust Is Gone

Here we are at the two month mark since we started in earnest to get things rolling again and I can say “the state of the At War Nation is EXCELLENT!”. We have, for the most part, been on track as far as practices go and life has only fucked up a few of our regularly scheduled rehearsals. This holiday season will undoubtably get in the way. We understand this and have agreed that Janurary ’07 will bring a “ramp-up” in the amount of work we intend to get done.

We are simultaniously working on the material for our next album AND our live set. If there are songs you really want to hear live, by all means let us know and we will take all suggestions into consideration. We are at a point where we feel the rust is pretty well gone and we are gelling once again. It’s a good thing…yes it is!

I have been inundated with the same question: When? Let me say, I want this as bad as everyone asking this question. Consider this, It has been over a decade since we played together. Dave, Shawn and I understand this and have all agreed that bottom line is, At War will play when At War is convinced you will be seeing At War in the best capacity possible. We will not do this half-assed! This holds true for the recording of the next album. Rumor has it that Alex Perialas is on board to make sure this happens. STOKED!!

I want to take a moment to express our gratitude to everyone for the overwhelming positive response to what is happening here at the At War camp. I feel naive and stupid not realizing how many people At War had an impact on. If we knew this back then who knows where we’d be now. To all the local musicians and bands: You guys are the best and we all appreciate your support and we will do all we can to bring our scene to the forefront and support all of you!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 12/??/2006

New Material


In the past month we have stayed on track with rehearsals and are in the beginning stages of writing some truely badass new material. This is more than I could have hoped for. This is so base and real you just gotta love it. We all are in this mindset right now that the material we record will be only what At War is about and what we love… stripped to the bones ass-kick shit! To the At War die hards “fear not” we have heard you loud and clear. If you dig us for what we have been you will dig us for what we are now and what we strive to always be. That safe haven of metal you can always turn to. We are focused and commited. The work continues.

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 11/12/2006

At War Together Again

Since I wrote on 08/12/2006 we have found a new practice place and have been rehearsing for the past month or so. Things are going way better than I could have hoped for. Shawn is spot on and Dave has lost nothing over the years. I could not be more proud to be associated with these two legendary musicians and friends. The classic material is, dare I say: even heavier sounding than I remember it ever sounding and the new material blows me away. There is much more work to do and by god we’ll make it happen. So keep in touch and let us know how you feel. We appreciate each and every one of you and love the support. If you want to hear more At War LET US KNOW!!

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 10/16/2006

Paul Arnold Rants On Myspace

I decided to move all this text from the front of the page to the blog section here. Keep checking back for more and more info. Hey All This is Paul and here are some of my thoughts recollections and updates beyond and on top of the normal biography stuff. Enjoy at your leisure! This is off the top of my head and may contain erroneous errors, ommissions, sarcasm, blame, denial, and many other things, but as part of this band I can remember it any way I wish. I will update, correct, falsify, and concocte at my leisure. Piss Off!

At War was formed in 1983 by Shawn Helsel, Dave Stone and Paul Arnold. We released our first demo in 1985, a two song rager called “Eat Lead”. We sold a ton of these gems mostly through fanzines and word “O” mouth. It was soon after that we started getting offers for record deals. After sifting through all the really great record deals that could have made us ultra rich and universaly famous we decided to sign with New Renaissance Records because money, fame and longevity was for chumps. Obscurity seemed so much better to strive for. Who wants to be a rock star for a living anyway, I’d much rather be a working stiff! Wait, Sorry is the sarcasm getting too thick? Another rant was trying to get out. OK where were we? Hmm. Oh yeah. We released “Ordered To Kill” in 1986 to rave reviews. For those that care. We recorded, financed and produced just about everything for “Ordered To Kill” ourselves and locally. Pretty baddass if you ask me. We then recorded “Retaliatory Strike” through New Renaissance Records with Alex Perialas at the helm. I have to say.. these were some great times and some of my fondness…wait greatest (fondness sounds so gay) memories I have are of those sessions and subsequent tours. I have to tell you I love both of those albums as much today as ever. They really hold up to anything released today. I’m not just saying this because im in the band, but because it’s true and I know what the hell I’m talking about.

So we toured and toured and toured and toured. We headlined most of those tours, but we did open and co-headlined with some pretty awesome bands, Slayer, Pantera, Exciter, Voivod, Death, DRI ,Agnostic Front, Nuclear Assault….so much for name dropping. Here’s where it got weird. We were about to record our next album “Calculated Risk” when negotiations broke down about finances for the recording. Instead of getting more or even the same amount of cash to record what would have been our most blistering disc to date as “Retaliatory Strike”, our record company wanted us to go to bumfuck usa with some Russian producer and do it for a buck thirty. All the while being told we were the top draw band on the label. (Through the sarcasm and mild vitrial aimed at New Renaissance Records I want to say if it was not for Ann we would almost certainly be forgotten by now. She kept the At War name alive when we were’nt even thinking about At War and for that… I thank her.) At the same time one of our members won a six month private tour of the local bighouse on chump charges. Turned out to be three months. This was all topped off by the tsunami of “Grunge Rock”. Almost overnight everyones taste in the USA had changed and it made it real hard for most of us heavier bands. Thank God the Europeans saw grunge for what it was and kept the metal scene alive while we here in the USA were subject to some of the most boring bullshit ever to come out of Seattle.

We went ahead and recorded another demo to shop around (6 songs). We recorded it, but never used it. In retrospect I’m glad we never pushed that demo. Though most of the songs were some of the best we had ever written, there were a few that make us wonder what the fuck we were thinking. We allowed outside influence to infiltrate our song writing and what was the essence of At War. If I have my way those songs will never see the light of day. I’ve toyed around with releasing the killer songs, but my goal is the full length “Calculated Risk”, but when?

That brings us to now. Dave, Shawn and I live near each other and remain great friends. There’s not a day goes by I’m not reminded of the impact At War made and continues to make in my life. I still can’t go to any show locally without people coming up to me, give me props and beg for more At War! I know you’ve heard it before, but more than ever it looks like it may happen.

originally submitted to the At War myspace by Paul Arnold on 08/12/2006