release date
1 Sep 1986

"Ordered To Kill" (LP)
Recorded: August 1986
Released: 1986
Studio: Live Oak Sound
Producer: At War
Engineer: Jim Mikles
Cover Artwork/Photo: Tim Kay
Label: New Renaissance Records
Format: Cassette, Compact Disc & Vinyl

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill - Front Cover

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill - Rear Cover


"Ordered To Kill" has been remastered from the original recordings with the original artwork and is availible from our Shop. This is the ONLY official version of this album on cd available and by far is the best sounding. If it doesn't have the Warmetal Records logo on it, It is NOT official!

At War Record Label


  • 1. Ordered To Kill
  • 2. Dawn Of Death
  • 3. Capitulation
  • 4. Rapechase
  • 5. The Hammer
  • 6. Mortally Wounded
  • 7. Ilsa (She Wolf Of The SS)
  • 8. Eat Lead

Line-Up (left to right):

  • Shawn Helsel - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Paul Arnold - Bass Guitar/Vocals
  • Dave Stone - Drums

The At War line-up pictured in 1986

Play The Music:
  1. 01. Ordered To Kill At War 4:26
  2. 02. Dawn Of Death At War 3:21
  3. 03. Capitulation At War 4:09
  4. 04. Rapechase At War 3:35
  5. 05. The Hammer At War 2:43
  6. 06. Mortally Wounded At War 3:03
  7. 07. Ilsa (She-Wolf Of The S.S.) At War 5:52
  8. 08. Eat Lead At War 4:44

New Renaissance Records and Rock Brigade Records would release "Ordered To Kill" on vinyl in various colors. The total number of vinyl printed is unknown.

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill - Clear Vinyl

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill - Clear Vinyl

New Renaissance Records also released "Ordered To Kill" on cassette with a different cover than the lp. The cover of the cassette is actually the image on the rear of the lp. The cassette would feature "Fuckadafi" as a bonus track, but it's misspelled as "Fuckaddaffi" on the actual tape, side 2. The total number of cassettes printed is unknown, but the catalog number is NRC10.

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill - Cassette

After years of being out of print, New Renaissance Records finally re-released "Ordered To Kill" on cd in 1998.

Before the re-release arrived on the scene, countless bootlegs of "Ordered To Kill" made it's rounds in the underground. Some bootleg versions feature the rare 7" track "Fuckadafi" as a bonus track.

"Fuckadafi" was released as a bonus track only on the European and Brazilian vinyl versions of the "Ordered To Kill" lp and cassette.

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